To North Carolina’s Nantahala Gorge With the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

imagesMisty clouds, rising from the dark green faces of the Great Smoky Mountains during the morning, appeared like smoke tendrils. The twelve-car train, wearing the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad’s tuscan red and Rio Grande gold livery and pulled by an EMD GP-9 diesel locomotive, vibrated and clanged its bell atop the gravel-imbedded rails next to the gray, wooden Bryson City depot, as it prepared for its imminent, 44-mile, round-trip departure to Nantahala Gorge. Passengers, many of whom had dislodged from buses, inundated the tiny portico waiting area, lulled into a North Carolina mood by a guitar-strumming trio. I would make the journey in the MacNeill Club Car, number 536, today, attached to generator car 6118 and trailed by Silver Meteor dining car 8015. That journey, inextricably tired to these western North Carolina mountains, could trace its origins to the mid-1800s.

Although the ruggedly beautiful area had been rich in natural resources, such as timber, fertile soil, and minerals, the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains, peeking at 6,000 feet, had rendered it isolated and inaccessible, with a rough, wagon-plied route its only connection with the rest of the state. After considerable efforts to persuade the state legislature of North Carolina to rectify this deficiency, it had agreed to subsidize the construction of track between Salisbury and Asheville in 1855, to be used by the Western North Carolina Railroad.

A smooth development period, spanning six years, had been thwarted in 1861 by the Civil War, at which time some 70 miles of rail had yet to be laid, but momentum had ultimately been regained 16 years later, when convict labor had been employed for the first time. Five hundred tracklayers had been subdivided into 150-men camps, each of which had been led by a captain, a foreman, and several guards.

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Multicom has Advantage Travel Gateway first in for FaB3 project

aaUK-based travel system provider Multicom may have produced one of the more complicated flowcharts to emerge from the technology section at World Travel Market this week.

But the diagram is actually the east way to illustrate what the company has been working on for the past few months as it officially launches FaB3, an massively enhanced version of its FindandBook system for operators and agents.

The FaB3 is the overall system now provided by Multicom since it added a web content management system for B2B partners known as FaBrix and a booking management tool called Trips.

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Chris Christie meets with Transporation boss, Sens. Cory Booker and Robert Menendez to discuss $14B tunnel plan

lakefront1As commuting woes mount on both sides of the Hudson River, U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and federal officials met Tuesday with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie — minus New York Gov. Cuomo — to discuss plans for a major rail tunnel project.

On hand in Newark with Foxx and Christie to talk about kickstarting the $14 billion Gateway tunnel construction project devised by Amtrak, were New Jersey Sens. Cory Booker and Robert Menendez.

In a joint statement, Foxx and the Garden State pols said Jersey is ready to figure out how to get the tunnel built.

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Outsourcing Is The Key To Intelligent Business And Effective Cost Cutting!

aHow Offshore Outsourcing Model Works

The model we suggest is very simple. You simply pass on the requirements of your client to us and we send you our quote (say Euro 600). You are free to charge whatever you want from your client (say Euro 2000). When the deal is through, you send us the details and we complete the project for you. The process we follow during the development keeps you fully involved and informed of daily progress. Finally, you earn huge profits without having to employ a big team and without facing operational hassles.

In case you are concerned about privacy issues, we would like to convey that we totally respect it and you don’t really need to disclose the name or contact of the client to us ever.

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Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline Still Offers Best Economic Opportunity

jAPTN Nation to Nation
When compared to the other major oil pipeline proposals on the table, Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project still offers the best economic opportunity for Alberta’s tarsands and the Canadian economy as a whole, says Alberta Premier Jim Prentice.

Prentice said Alberta oil needs to access tidewater in “every direction,” but the Asia-Pacific basin still offers the biggest economic potential for the province and the country as a whole. Prentice said TransCanada’s proposed Energy East and Keystone XL pipeline projects would both offer links to important markets, but neither the Atlantic nor the Gulf basins are as important to Canada’s economic future as accessing Asian ports.

“Northern Gateway represents the need for Alberta to access tidewater and this is really in everyone’s interest, it is in the interest of all Canadians because our prosperity as a province and our prosperity as a country is tied to this,” said Prentice, during an interview with Nigel Newlove, host of APTN’s Nation to Nation.

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